Welcome to PTG.
A global partner.

We specialize in patented consumer engagement and nonconscious measurement techniques that amplify creative performance, refine product marketing strategies and influence consumer activities. Our solutions provide a virtual two-way mirror that captures the all-important human element as consumers experience your brand.

Don’t just take our word for it. Our technology has been validated in-market and by experts from MIT, Harvard, and Scientific American, among others.

We demystify
human behavior.

Did you know the eye provides objective clues to understanding human engagement? Simply put, the more visual information the brain wants, the more our eyes will vibrate.  Saccadic Eye Movement refers to these tiny eye vibrations that are so essential for sight.

PTG’s patented Saccadic Eye Movement Recorder interprets what consumers can’t verbalize by inconspicuously capturing their second-by-second engagement to advertising and marketing stimuli.

Real world research.

Examine consumer behavior in the wild with PTG’s patented truVuTM glasses, environmental recorder, and our patent-pending on-shelf micro camera.  PTG specializes in inconspicuous behavioral research technologies that can be easily deployed across hundreds of shoppers, worldwide, at a moment’s notice.

Our devices are equipped with product identification location technology, eye tracking, and built-in HD and HFR recording capabilities.  PTG’s patented AutoSlicer data mining technology makes sense out of the shopping trips by recognizing test products and compiling video footage.

We make
products pop.

Explore strategies to refine and optimize product packaging and in-store marketing efforts including package designs, product shelves, signage, POP displays and menu boards.  Featuring life-sized HD screens and our exclusive Infinite Zoom examination technology, PTG’s patented truShelfTM solution provides incredibly rich and realistic consumer shopping experiences.

Small changes.
Big impact.

Enrich the performance of your brand communications. Our suite of unobtrusive and highly contextual real-world copy testing solutions measure consumer engagement on a second by second basis and pinpoint precise creative elements that can be refined for greater success.

Behavioral research
goes global.

It’s been said that technology is the great equalizer.  At PTG, we believe technology is also the great enabler. Our exclusive solutions remove the greatest barriers facing global research, namely affordability and feasibility.

PTG’s technology has already captured consumer behavior across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North and South America.  Where will you take us next?