Enrich Brand Communications

PTG’s unique approach to copy testing not only measures consumer engagement and involvement with advertising, but it also reveals creative elements that aren’t succeeding so refinements can be made. Using highly contextual real-world experiences, state of the art technologies and validated research methodologies, PTG evaluates advertising performance across all media channels.

Powered by the science of Saccadic Eye Movement, our patented technologies yield a deeper understanding of human behavior by passively measuring consumers’ engagement to advertising.

By innovatively marrying our exclusive real world exposure data with industry standard forced exposure diagnostics and normative data, we offer a truly comprehensive view of creative performance that enables us to provide marketers with the precise tactics they need to amplify creative performance.

We offer a solution for every media channel.

  • truTubeTM measures Saccadic Engagement using real-world TV watching experiences with the ability to change channels, use DVR functions etc.
  • truWebTM measures Saccadic Engagement using real-world viewing experiences for display advertising, short-form video etc.
  • truReaderTM measures Saccadic Engagement and/or time spent with a print ad or other print copy.
  • truDriveTM measures Saccadic Engagement by presenting outdoor advertising in a way that mimics a real-world experience.
  • truTuneTM technology measures respondent involvement to realistic radio listening

To learn more about our unique approach to copy testing, please contact us at info@pretesting.com.