PTG’s truShelf solution features life-sized HD screens and our exclusive Infinite Zoom examination technology, designed for consumers to evaluate packages, product shelves, in-store signage, POP displays, menu boards and a variety of other needs.

Our patented simulated solution offers the industry’s most realistic shopping experience. Conducted in-person or online, respondents are seated in front of a large 60” HD screen for a life-size, browse-able store shopping experience. truShelf’s exclusive technology provides respondents with the ability to navigate the simulated store and zoom in on areas of interest to replicate an in-store environment.

The truShelf methodology uniquely incorporates our patented Saccadic Eye Movement Recording technology which measures second-by-second visual engagement as well as element-by-element eye tracking. In addition to engagement, we also measure product “findability”, competitive imagery, and impulse selection from among competition.

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