PTG’s truWeb solution evaluates the performance of digital advertising including pre-rolls and display as well as the overall effectiveness of website message communication and navigation.

Participants in our research are instructed that web designers are interested in their opinions on various layouts of different websites. As part of this real world research experience, respondents are exposed to websites featuring a variety of different forms of advertising and instructed to browse and interact with each website spending as much or as little time viewing the websites as they choose.

Included within our truWeb methodology is our patented Saccadic Eye Movement Recording technology which measures second-by-second visual engagement with the stimuli as well as element-by-element eye tracking.

After the natural viewing concludes, we gather a series of measures necessary for understanding real world effects. Following these questions, we re-expose the ads using forced exposure to get into deep diagnostics which add texture to these real world findings.

In addition to measuring engagement we also test for the level of breakthrough, persuasion, recall, main idea communication, competitive imagery, intent to purchase, act or consider, likeability and other client requested diagnostics.

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