Success Stories

At PTG, we’re very proud of the company we keep. We hope to make your acquaintance too.

“With PTG’s truVu technology we now have unfettered access into consumers’ homes without the intrusion of actually being there. The real world behavioral insights that we receive from PTG enable us to make well informed business decisions that are direct reflections of consumer sentiment and based upon authentic, in-home interactions with our products.”
Jack English, Senior Scientist, Procter & Gamble
“PTG is a longstanding, trusted research partner. We rely not only upon their inventive approach to research solutions, but also upon their first-rate client service and their proven commitment to our business.”
Peter Gladstone, Senior Director of Advertising and Innovation, The Boston Beer Company
“The value in using PTG in research is two-fold: great technology combined with great people. PTG’s technology allows them to uncover best-in-class insights and their experienced researchers are very capable in turning those insights into an actionable deliverable that make a difference to my business. PTG completely understands that research has moved beyond delivery of tables and charts and stuffy presentation of data. It’s about digging for insights and threading together a story. Their ability to bring the story to life and deliver it in a compelling manner makes them a pleasure to work with.”
Director of Strategy and Insights, Kraft Foods
“PTG provides superb client service, bringing passion to flexible, adaptable and actionable research design to best meet our business needs. By meeting our tight timelines and bringing a whole new approach to our testing method, we were able to impact our digital media strategy. They brought critical insights and a unique perspective that other suppliers could not.”
Research Department, North America, France & UK, Weight Watchers
“PTG is able to offer customizable solutions and innovative methodologies to help our company answer the right questions in the right way. PTG worked REMARKABLY well for us. The guidance of the saccadic eye tracker was very influential on our packaging designs and improvements. The combination of PTG’s cohesive support team, innovative methodologies, and ability to rapidly deliver results, makes PTG one of our top go-to vendors. PTG was able to help identify the areas of improvement needed on our product packaging on shelf and individually in both a grocery and convenience store settings. This provided us with the opportunity to optimize our packaging based on consumer feedback in a very short amount of time.”
Strategy & Insights Director, PepsiCo
“PTG has a unique, unparalleled offering, with patented technologies that set it apart. I have not found another company that can deliver all of the following: an in-person natural exposure methodology with industry-specific norms (single and double page norms for print), with eye tracking and saccadic measurement to determine the respondent’s level of interest. Any one of these things would be compelling on its own; as a package, it is extremely powerful. The work that PTG did for me gave me confidence in the results. It enabled me and my team to confidently select our next generation campaign, based on solid data and multiple proof points.”
Market Analytics, Pfizer
“There are a couple of things that differentiate PTG from the rest: on a technical level, PTG has the innovative tools and know-how to answer even the toughest questions. On a strategic level, PTG is truly a fantastic business partner. They make sure to understand business needs and commit 110% to provide answers and value in a timely way. They are not just information suppliers; they are valued consultants that help me move my businesses forward. PTG is among the rare few partners who deliver answers—whether it’s proposals or learnings—quickly. They worked so hard to explore all angles of the problem that I felt we had a very thorough response to our questions. Understanding what happened at shelf was critical to our diagnosing the problem and understanding what to do to address it. The insights were clear and direct. We were able to adjust our efforts as a result and improved performance.”
Senior Category Insights Manager, Kraft Foods