Our Solutions

PTG uncovers a deeper understanding of human cognition and informs decision making along every step of a consumer’s Path to Purchase. We replicate this consumer journey with our proprietary Path to Growth measurement framework. Join us on the Path to Growth by learning more about our suite of 3E solutions.


Enrich Brand Communications with Copy Testing

truTubeTM measures Saccadic Engagement using real-world TV watching experiences with the ability to change channels, use DVR functions etc.

truWebTM measures Saccadic Engagement using real-world viewing experiences for display advertising, short-form video etc.

truReaderTM measures Saccadic Engagement and/or time spent with a print ad or other print copy.

truDriveTM measures Saccadic Engagement by presenting outdoor advertising in a way that mimics a real-world experience.

truTuneTM technology measures respondent involvement to realistic radio listening experience


Explore Strategies to Optimize Packaging and In-Store Marketing Efforts

truShelfTM uses life-sized HD screens and our exclusive Infinite Zoom examination technology to evaluate Saccadic Engagement with package designs, product shelves, in-store signage, POP displays and menu boards.


Examine Consumer Behavior In-Home and In-Store

truVuTM utilizes eye glasses with a built-in HD (high-definition) and HFR (high frame rate) camera to record a consumer’s in-store shopping experience or any custom consumer experience (e.g within a vehicle, dealership or hotel lobby)

truUseTM utilizes eye glasses with a built-in HD (high-definition) and HFR (high frame rate) camera to record a consumer’s product experience such as an IHUT or in-home diary.

truResponseTM uses a patent-pending HD and HFR on-shelf micro camera to capture consumers’ Saccadic Engagement and facial activity while examining in-store displays or product packaging.