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The techniques may change but the real world success criteria remain the same.

Today’s marketers are navigating a wide range of complex digital media channels. However, for all of the technological advancements behind digital advertising, the real world success metrics remain the same as measuring more traditional media such as TV and print. In order for a campaign to be successful, it needs to clear the following three hurdles.

Hurdle #1 is opportunity. Will consumers look at the screen to see my message? Hurdle #2 is involvement. How much time was spent on my video? Did consumers attempt to immediately click out of my pre-roll? At what point were consumers hooked by my ad? Where did they drop? Finally, hurdle #3 is focus/engagement. Where were consumers specifically drawn to my communication? Was it copy? Was it imagery? Was it a spokesperson? Did they take action i.e. download a coupon or put my product in a shopping cart?

PTG’s real world approach to measuring digital media captures critical nuances that are completely unique to digital and sidesteps traditional forced exposure metrics and irrelevant clutter breakthrough that are common to tv copy testing. For example, pre-roll videos have a max of 5 seconds to engage the viewer before the ad is skipped. How can you ensure success? Engagement! If the viewer isn’t immediately drawn in by the creative the content is doomed.

At PTG, we take a two pronged approach to understanding engagement. First, we unobtrusively measure Saccadic Eye Movement which is an objective level of actual consumer engagement and the foundation of our copy testing and brand communications solutions. Second, we measure line by line copy readership to better understand where consumers may be losing interest. Only PTG measures second-by-second visual engagement with the stimuli as well as element-by-element eye tracking in a completely natural viewing environment.

We welcome an opportunity to provide you with more information about our philosophy on testing digital creative. Drop a line to and we will gladly share an example of our truWeb approach, patented technology and analyses.

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